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in 2013, this is how she started ...

"After I had my daughter, I was exhausted from nursing and not sleeping enough.  I started to crave traditional Japanese foods, especially AMAZAKE, fermented rice that Japanese people refer to as a “natural intravenous” as it contains nutrients such as probiotics, amino acids, vitamin Bs, antioxidants, folic acids and enzymes.  I started eating it every day and after few weeks I felt much more energetic and my skin looked brighter and younger.  People started to notice the changes and asked me what I was doing."





The only change I made was to add amazake to my regular diet.

I started to give some to people and they loved it.  They kept asking for more and told me about the positive changes they felt so I decided to share this miracle with many more people.

Amazake is also a perfect food for children.  My daughter loves it.  She has been eating it since she was 6 months old.


Ancientics for kids

It is a delicious, nutritious super food that is full of natural probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids and digestive enzymes and is diary-, sugar-, gluten- and additive-free.  Now it is available as Ancientics - the ancient miracle food for modern busy people!



ancientics in everyday life.
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