All in one for a healthy gut, energized body and radiant skin

Ancientics is fermented whole grains, called amazake in Japan. 

Fermentation is an amazing method that has been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. It enhances nutrient values and produces good bacteria which are vital for gut health. I believe that a healthy gut is key for an energized body, peaceful mind and beautiful skin. 

Ancientics contains both probiotics and prebiotics, insoluble fibers that are beneficial to nourish the good bacteria already in your body. While probiotics introduce good bacteria into your body, prebiotics act as a food for the good bacteria. The combination of probiotics and prebiotics helps good bacteria grow and improves your gut condition. It's also full of amino acids, digestive enzymes and vitamin Bs. It gives your body essential nutrients and sustainable energy in a bundle that does not weight on you but maximizes your daily life.

It's fermented by koji (the Japanese name), steamed rice inoculated with beneficial mold (Aspergillus oryzae). During multiplication, koji generates various digestive enzymes such as proteases that digests protein to form the amino acids and amylase that breaks down complex carbohydrates into easily digestible forms ( to read more about koji, please click here) . The nutrition is enhanced by combining the benefits of high protein seeds such as whole quinoa and kaniwa (quinoa's cousin that is highly nutritious and has a nutty taste) with black rice to enhance a dedicate favor and traditional brown rice.  Ancientics does not contain any processed sugar or sweeteners, but it is sweet from the fermentation and has delicious aromas (umami) and deep flavor.

Start good with Ancientics

Ancientics is a hybrid of gut cleaning probiotics and prebiotics as well as natural digestive enzymes. 
Since it is made with whole grains and seeds with no processed sugars and sweeteners there is no sugar spike like refined sugar. It's pre-digested and light, and instantly gives you long lasting energy to kick-start your day!
It's delicious simply as is with some nut milk or yogurt with fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts. 

It also comes as refreshing drink with flavors such as Matcha,  Ginger, Cacao and Goji Berry.